The Speedy Match website went up

I am pleased to announce to you that the Speedy Match website is up and running. We worked on developing the site for a long time and it was delayed more than I expected. There is still some things to improve, especially on the version of the site for mobile phones, but the version for computers is already working. You are welcome to enter and register. The site is vegan and vegetarian friendly: If you are a vegan you can look for only vegan spouses, or just vegetarians, or both, and even carnists. And in terms of smoking habits and relationship status – all options are open to you. For example, if you choose to search for only single spouses, or only divorced – spouses who do not match you will not see you in their search results. So go to the site, register your e-mail address and your name – register for the site and look for spouses. Registration only takes a few minutes. A valid email address must be given and verified, it is important for us to make sure only real people are signed up for the site.

Good luck!
Uri Rodberg
Founder and director of Speedy Net and Speedy Match,
Speedy Paz Technologies Ltd.