The Speedy Match website went up

I am pleased to announce to you that the Speedy Match website is up and running. We worked on developing the site for a long time and it was delayed more than I expected. There is still some things to improve, especially on the version of the site for mobile phones, but the version for computers is already working. You are welcome to enter and register. The site is vegan and vegetarian friendly: If you are a vegan you can look for only vegan spouses, or just vegetarians, or both, and even carnists. And in terms of smoking habits and relationship status – all options are open to you. For example, if you choose to search for only single spouses, or only divorced – spouses who do not match you will not see you in their search results. So go to the site, register your e-mail address and your name – register for the site and look for spouses. Registration only takes a few minutes. A valid email address must be given and verified, it is important for us to make sure only real people are signed up for the site.

Good luck!
Uri Rodberg
Founder and director of Speedy Net and Speedy Match,
Speedy Paz Technologies Ltd.

Thank you for your interest in Speedy Composer

We are working on a new version of Speedy Net, which will use Python and Django. Since Speedy Composer is written in PHP, we will have to close Speedy Composer around next month (January 2017). We will keep your compositions, but please backup your files and download what you need, because your compositions will not be available online after we close Speedy Composer. We are looking for volunteers who will help convert Speedy Composer to Python, if you want to volunteer please let me know. Thank you for your interest in Speedy Composer!

Thank you and good luck,
Uri Even-Chen
Founder and Director of Speedy Net and Speedy Composer,
Speedy Paz Technologies Ltd.

We are working on the next version of Speedy Net

We are working on the next version of Speedy Net, which will be based on Python and Django. And a new app for Speedy Net users – Speedy Match – a new dating/matching app for singles. Speedy Net and Speedy Match will be free software & open source. We expect them to start alpha in six months (around June 2016). We also want to develop a free software webmail platform, Speedy Mail Software, and to convert Speedy Composer to Python and Django.

If you are interested in helping us develop our free software projects, please contact me by email.

Uri Even-Chen, Speedy Net.

We recommend using NoteWorthy Composer for editing melody files

We recently published a new article in Hebrew about Speedy Composer in our Hebrew Blog. We are going to publish more articles in Hebrew soon. If you are looking for a software for editing melody files composed by Speedy Composer, we recommend using NoteWorthy Composer. You can download your melodies in MIDI format and edit them with NoteWorthy Composer. I used NoteWorthy Composer when preparing the melody files for training the neural networks of Speedy Composer in 1999. It’s a very good program, but you can use any MIDI editor you like.

If you like the melodies composed by Speedy Composer for you, you can make them public and share them with your friends by Facebook, Email, Twitter or Google+. Just copy the URL of the public melody and share it, or use Facebook’s sharing options on the melody page. But remember not to share private melodies, because only you can listen to them.

Uri Even-Chen.

Advantages of a Vegan Lifestyle

A vegan is someone who neither consumes nor uses any animal products. There are many different reasons for becoming a vegan, such as improving health, ethics or for environmental concerns. Veganism has many advantages and adopting this lifestyle can be a positive affirmation.

Depending on the foods consumed, a vegan diet can be either healthy or unhealthy. However, when a diet is based on a variety of whole foods, complete nutritional requirements are received. In general, vegans typically have lower rates of heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. Since animal products create inflammation, a vegan diet may benefit conditions such as arthritis, asthma and fibromyalgia.

Questions may be raised about vegans obtaining adequate protein and calcium. Protein is abundant in many foods such as beans, legumes, nuts, whole-grains and vegetables. The theory about combining proteins in a meal was made popular when Frances Lappe wrote “Diet for a Small Planet.” However, ten years later, she recanted this information, stating that as long as a variety of foods are consumed and caloric needs are met, plant proteins do not need to be consumed in the same meal.

Calcium is adequately supplied from sources other than cow’s milk. It is abundant in foods such as almonds, greens and beans. Animal products can actually decrease calcium levels because as they raise the body’s acidity, calcium is leeched from the bones in order to maintain a balanced pH.

The main nutrients which vegans must be careful are iron and vitamin B12. Iron is found in meat as heme and plants as non-heme. Heme is more readily absorbed than non-heme, but by consuming vitamin C in the same meal, iron absorption is dramatically increased. Vitamin B12 should be supplemented, as it is not found in plants. But vitamin B12 does not come from meat and dairy; it comes from bacteria which grows in meat and dairy. So if vegans wash their fruits and vegetables, they will need to find an alternative source of vitamin B12.

Many choose to be vegan for ethical reasons. By omitting meat and dairy, vegans make a commitment not to support the killing and abuse of animals. According to organizations such as Vegan Peace and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, factory farms and slaughterhouses result in overcrowding, improper diet, filth and contamination. Animals are often fed grains, chemical concoctions and antibiotics when they should be eating grass. When the animals are killed, the procedure is often brutal to minimize time and maximize profits. Even when animals are treated humanely, they still must die for meat consumption. Dairy cows are often confined and artificially impregnated. Many spend their whole lives pregnant and attached to pumping machines. They live three to five years and are killed because they can no longer physically stand or produce milk. The calves are usually removed from their mothers; the females are used for dairy production and the males are used for veal.

Many become vegan for environmental reasons and in her article in the Guardian, Felicity Carus states the detriment caused by cattle grazing and fish farming. Rainforests are used for grazing livestock and to grow their feed. A big portion of the world’s grain is used to feed livestock. Air, water and soil are contaminated due to animal waste, antibiotics, hormones and chemicals. The nitrogen and phosphor emitted by manure leaks into the groundwater and creates pollution. Ammonia is given off through manure and can cause acid rain.

Wildlife is threatened in water as well as on land. Due to the concern of the impact of large-scale fishing, there is increased use of agriculture in the ocean. These farm-raised fish are fed wild-caught fish and are treated with chemicals that are being released into oceans to treat the disease resulting from overcrowding.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle can improve health, strengthen ethical values and benefit the planet. Though it may take some determination to overcome challenges, the benefits that people will find from becoming vegan are worth the extra effort.


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Written by: elanger

A Closer Look at Raising Vegan Children

As healthier eating and organic food becomes more popular, the veganism lifestyle is always close behind. Essentially, a vegan diet consists of anything that isn’t an animal product. While vegetarians will often just avoid meat, vegans avoid all food that is derived from animals including eggs and dairy. This also applies to other aspects of animal products, such as fur or leather.

A vegan diet essentially contains all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that are important, as well as covering each food group. Although more with is initially required, the benefits of a vegan diet soon become apparent. In terms of veganism applying to a child’s diet, encouraging them to eat healthily can avoid a multitude of health issues in the future, as well as teaching them about caring for both the environment and their personal ethics. The main danger many people face when raising children is the mixed messages that come from the mass media. While some may believe that vegan diets can actually affect a child’s development, vegetables as well as products like soy offer more than enough vitamins such as calcium to ward off deficiencies.

In terms of food, vegan children who ate fruit and vegetables were more likely to do so in later life. Additionally, by placing children in a purely plant based diet, several immediate health benefits can be gained in adulthood. A vegan diet was shown to lower hypertension, cholesterol, cancer rates and even illness related to obesity. By encouraging this kind of diet in a child’s development phase, parents can ensure that the habits are carried on to later life.

When it comes to buying vegan ingredients, the rising popularity of these diets has meant that finding vegan food is much easier. It has come to a point where even local grocery stores stock healthy foods as well as substitutes specifically for vegans. Products like soymilk, tofu and dairy substitutes are much easier to find, especially if looking in a bigger store. If what you’re looking for is more specialized, it is always a good idea to look around natural or health food stores. These can be great places to find more specific ingredients such as seitan or other soy products, so be sure to check around the local area for health stores if you are looking to try a vegan diet. By encouraging these foods in a diet for vegan children, you can bypass having to break a child’s habit and start them off on vegan food.

Being a vegan isn’t just restricted to food however. Many vegans also focus on what they’re wearing, ensuring that nothing is made of animal products. Wool, for example, is something that most vegans try to avoid. Because some sheep are often specifically raised for wool production, vegans take their philosophy into what they’re wearing as well as eating. With this in mind, finding vegan clothing for vegan children can often take a little longer but can be equally as fashionable and affordable as other clothing products. As with food, always check the label of the clothing to determine the material, avoid things like wool and cashmere while looking out for animal friendly materials such as hemp, bamboo and manmade fibers.

Researching different clothing brands can also determine whether they have a special line of vegan clothing. Use the Internet or ask in store to find out exactly what they might have. Many stores pride themselves on selling only vegan products and a quick Internet search can often point customers in the right direction. Finally, do not assume that because the clothes are vegan, they are also expensive. Because of the difference in production, costs are often heavily reduced and thus vegan clothes end up being much cheaper. Discount stores or charity shops can often end up with a stock of vegan clothing that is not just “healthy” but also fashionable, something that is important for children in the present day.

Written by: Tom Hodson