We recommend using NoteWorthy Composer for editing melody files

We recently published a new article in Hebrew about Speedy Composer in our Hebrew Blog. We are going to publish more articles in Hebrew soon. If you are looking for a software for editing melody files composed by Speedy Composer, we recommend using NoteWorthy Composer. You can download your melodies in MIDI format and edit them with NoteWorthy Composer. I used NoteWorthy Composer when preparing the melody files for training the neural networks of Speedy Composer in 1999. It’s a very good program, but you can use any MIDI editor you like.

If you like the melodies composed by Speedy Composer for you, you can make them public and share them with your friends by Facebook, Email, Twitter or Google+. Just copy the URL of the public melody and share it, or use Facebook’s sharing options on the melody page. But remember not to share private melodies, because only you can listen to them.

Uri Even-Chen.