How to Compose Melodies in Minutes with Speedy Composer

Now that you have verified your Speedy Composer account it is now time to compose melodies for the first time. Whether you require a new melody for your website or you need a new tune for your next ballet residual, Speedy Composer is simple to use.

Firstly, choose your chord progression, from major to minor. Here you can select from a number of great sounds for every occasion. By clicking on the selection and scrolling down the list, you can sample each sound.

Next in composing your melody is to choose your accompaniment style. Speedy Composer has a number of options for you to choose from and by changing the tempo of your melody will set a different mood for your music.

When you have composed your melody, Speedy Composer will automatically play back your composition. If you are happy with your composition, you can share it with friends or even make it public so other Speedy Composers can listen.

With Speedy Composer, you can work with friends to compose melodies to go with lyrics you have already written.

You will notice that a list will appear of all your compositions, to identify each tune you will need to re-name each composition. By clicking on the composition, a drop down list will appear and by clicking “Re-Name” you can name your melody. Giving your composed melodies names will make finding them easier.

If you decide that not all the composed tunes are what you are looking for, you can easily delete your file. By ticking the box and hitting “delete,” you can make room for new compositions.

There are endless combinations available for you to play and experiment with using Speedy Composer. You will not need any specialized computer programs, as Speedy Composer will do all the hard work for you. Speedy Composer has taken all the hassle out of putting a song together. To compose melodies you only require your own imagination and willingness to try different combinations.

You can save all of your melodies and it is just as easy as composing our tune. By clicking on either MIDI or MP3, you can automatically save to any device. Just follow the on screen prompts to ensure a successful download of your composed melody.

You can then share your composition on Speedy Composer with other budding songwriters. By making your music public, you can display your talent and encourage others to do the same and compose melodies and share their tunes.

To create a folder, click on “Create New Folder,” re-name the file and you can then start to compose melodies. To keep track of your recordings you can add notes to your account.

At the top of the page click on “Edit Profile” and you can add pages, groups and share melodies with others. To compose melodies with friends, encourage them to login and share all of your compositions with the public. You do not need to be a musician to use Speedy Composer.

Written by: Jodi Unger