Easily Compose Melodies with Speedy Composer

Speedy Composer is an open source project that allows its users to compose melodies. The biggest advantage to this is that those who are musically challenged do not have to create the original melodies and the musically gifted will enjoy it too. It is an opportunity to put a spin on popular songs known to several generations.

After signing up, there are no instructions. The manner in which the system is set up allows you to easily transition from one task to another. Users are presented with a selection of chord progressions, and then it is on to accompaniment style. From there, choose the tempo, which can make tunes as slow or as fast as one would like. The steps do not have to follow that order. So even without instructions, it is easy to follow without explicit details.

Make sure you do not follow my initial lead. I could see the timed bar moving as if I had created something, but could hear nothing. This resulted in feelings of anger when I first started to compose melodies. Then I realized that my speakers were not hooked into the PC. Someone had inserted a set of headphones and I did not notice. None of my family members would cop to it. So make sure your speakers are hooked in and your volume is up before getting started.

One con to the service is that the compositions are only 30 seconds long. I have to figure out how to string them together for one unified sound. You can download the compositions in an mp3 format. That is ideal for someone who wants to easily place them on a compact disc. Then you can share the sound without the use of a PC.

Another great feature with Speedy Composer is that you can share your compositions. There is an option after you compose melodies to make them available publicly. If an individual is brave about their creation and open to criticism, make it public. Make sure to rename them before doing so, to keep track. If you do not like them, deleting them is an option as well.

Written by: Rokkee