How to Compose Melodies with Speedy Composer

Speedy Composer is a brand new site that will help people compose melodies for free by simply selecting chords, accompaniment styles and the tempo of the music. Here is a step-by-step introductory guide on how to compose melodies with the help of Speedy Composer.

Step 1 – Create an Account

To create an account at Speedy Composer, you need to be a member of Speedy Net. Simply create your user account at Speedy Net by selecting your choice of username and a password. You then need to provide only the bare essentials to create an account such as your gender and birth date. Click on the activation link that is sent to your email ID and your account will be activated at Speedy Net as well as Speedy Composer.

Step 2 – Log in at Speedy Composer

Use the same login credentials at Speedy Composer and you will be welcomed at the home page where you can begin composing music according to your preference by choosing from three drop down list boxes – chord progressions, accompaniment style and tempo.

Step 3 – Choose Chord Progression

There is a range of selection available for you to choose from. From C Major to A Minor, A Major to E Minor and G Major. Just choose the chord that you wish to use from the list of selections and move on to the next drop down list to pick out the accompaniment style for your musical composition.

Step 4 – Choose the Accompaniment style

Unlike the wide range of selections for chord progression, you can pick from four different accompaniment styles:

• Accompaniment Style #One (for 4/4)
• Accompaniment Style #Two (for 4/4)
• Accompaniment Style #Three (for 4/4)
• Accompaniment Style #Four (for 3/4)

Simply choose your preferred accompaniment style and you can move on.

Step 5 – Choose tempo

The next thing to do is to select the pace of the rhythm. Are you looking for some soft gentle rhythm or a fast racy number? Just set the tempo to the beat of your choice and you are done.

Step 6 – Compose Music

There is a compose button right below the tempo drop down box. Once you have finished picking out your composition features, click “Compose” to have the music composed for you.

The composed music will automatically be saved as “Composition #1” in your folder. You can rename the composition with a more meaningful name to identify it. You can also make separate folders at Speedy Composer in order to be able to categorize your music compositions in the genre that it falls in without it being cluttered all in one folder.

Please note that steps 3 to 5 do not necessarily have to be carried out in sequence. You could also work your way backwards from 5 to 3 or start directly with the accompaniment style before you move on to select your chord and tempo.

Once you have composed your music, it can be played directly at Speedy Composer or you can also download it to your desktop in MIDI format or MP3 format.

Additional Features

Besides composing your own music, there are still additional features that Speedy Composer has to offer. You can share your music with friends at the site or make it public for all the users of the site to enjoy. However, these features are completely optional. If you prefer to keep your music to yourself, you can do that by listing it as private.

It does not matter if you are inexperienced as a musician, with this range of options and the ability to mix and match chords, styles and tempo, you will soon develop an ear for music and be able to compose melodies of your own for free.

Written by: Andrea Gressman