Where to Get the Best Legal Free Music Downloads

There are many sources of downloads available online, but most are either not complete downloads or are illegal. There are, however, a few great places to find legal free music downloads of complete songs by a wide range of artists.

Amazon.com regularly offers free music downloads in the form of singles and entire albums. Pages with free song downloads are available for the U.S. at amazon.com/Free-Songs-Music/b?ie=UTF8&node=334897011 and the U.K. at amazon.co.uk/MP3-Music-Download/b?ie=UTF8&node=77197031

Many artists offer free music downloads, sometimes only for a limited time, on their official website pages or on their other pages, such as those found on MySpace. Follow your favorite artists on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news regarding their free download offerings.

SPIN magazine offers free iTunes music downloads for readers that anyone can obtain by first going to their website’s iTunes page at spin.com/itunes. On it there will be a code that is to be used in order to download the latest free legal music download offerings. There is also an expiration date for the code listed.

They are not the only magazine that offers free music downloads for readers. People magazine also has a website page devoted to giving readers and others free iTunes music downloads. Their free music downloads page may be found at styleentertainment.timeinc.net/people/countryplaylist/.

Glide magazine is another great source of legal free music downloads to check out. The page for their free downloads is glidemagazine.com/downloads.php.

Freebies blogs and websites also regularly list a variety of sources of free singles and albums that can all be downloaded legally and free. The best way to utilize this type of resource is to subscribe so notification will be received immediately. Some offers are limited and only those quickest to respond will get the free download.

Some sites offer one free download at a time, rather than multiple songs or albums. A few examples are the radio station K-Love at klove.com/music/store.aspx and the Artist Direct website at artistdirect.com/nad/freestuff/0,,,00.html.

The offerings from all of the aforementioned sources of legal free music downloads change regularly, giving the music lover an opportunity to obtain quite an impressive music library for no cost.

Written by: Daniella Nicole