Three Great Reasons to Go Vegan

Former meat eaters understand how beneficial going vegan is to the body. Many of the ways individuals eat today contributes to a number of health issues that, when coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, are a recipe for disaster. Veganism should not be mistaken for being a vegetarian. Vegetarians may still eat some foods that are the by-product of animals, such as dairy and eggs. For a true vegan, these products are off-limits. Done properly, the vegan lifestyle increases energy levels and decreases the risk for many ailments that haunt us throughout our lives.

Heart Disease: Eating a vegetable-focused diet removes a ton of saturated fats. Meat and animal by-products are a higher source of artery clogging saturated fats that can lead to a greater instance of heart disease. Not only is this bad for your health, it can take a toll on the wallet, too. Heart disease can lead to higher medical costs. Some sufferers undergo life-saving surgery and rely on medications for the remaining portion of their lives. This is no way to live.

Obesity and Diabetes: Yes, there are overweight vegans. However, obesity is not as much of a factor among practicing vegans as it is for those who chow down on fried chicken, cheeseburgers and processed foods and drinks. Sugar is also not as much of an issue since it does not provide the nutrients necessary for good health. Sugar sabotage is rampant. It is not filling, and because of that, it is consumed in overwhelming amounts. Along with obesity comes a high rate of diabetes. Unchecked, diabetes itself turns into a lifetime of trouble for those who cannot get it under control. It can lead to problems with eyesight, renal failure and loss of limbs, heart attack and death.

Cancer: Cancer rates in vegans tend to be lower. Being a more conscious bunch when it comes to meal planning may be the primary reason. They are able to avoid many of the contaminants found on grocery store shelves. Vegans tend to avoid unnatural dyes, added salt and sugar, hormones and antibiotics found in meat, animal by-products, snacks and processed foods.

For those who decide to make the switch, it is not a life of bean sprouts and carrot sticks. It is possible to get a well-balanced meal. A healthy vegan does not usually take things to the extreme and indulges in plenty of great eats. They enjoy luscious desserts and tasty snacks. Mac and cheese is not off the menu; neither are flavorful soups and creamy side dishes. Many vegan restaurants have cropped up, making it dining out a pleasure, rather than a game of Russian roulette. The environmentally conscious will love the fact that eating a plant-based diet does not impact the environment on the level that raising meat does.

There are fat vegans who manage to eat poorly. Snacking daily on bags of salty potato chips or gobbling ten vegan cupcakes is not a healthy way to live and eat. As with any diet, everything in moderation is ideal. Approach this lifestyle wholly to gain the health benefits and really enjoy the food.

Written by: Rokkee