Speedy Composer – Short Summary

During my studies in the Department of Computer Science of The Academic College of Tel Aviv – Yaffo, I did a project called Speedy Composer – an Artificial Neural Network Melody Composer. this project had also a research part, because this area has not been researched much before. The project’s target is to write a program that will compose music, that is based on parameters & chords given by the user. The final target is letting a user select parameters, chords & possibly the beginning of a melody, and then the program will compose a new melody for the user.

Artificial Neural Networks are a new area in computer science. This area is called like this, because in a way, it imitates the human brain. An Artificial Neural Network is a set of simple processing units (“neurons”), that are connected to each other in a parallel network. Each unit (“neuron”) implements a simple mathematic function, but the global structure of the network makes the network able to to perform complex calculations. This processing method is similar to the method used in the human brain, that is consisted of billions of neurons, and with a very complicated connectionism is able to perform actions like seeing, hearing, motorical coordination, intuition, thinking, understanding, memory etc.

Although Artificial Neural Networks contain a much smaller number of “neurons” (usually, not more than a few tens), they already have some ability to learn & generalize. for example, if we have a list of events that can be numerically measured, and there is some regularity among them – it is possible to train an Artificial Neural Network to try to predict the next event, when receiving the few previous events as input. Artificial Neural Networks can also be trained to identify specific patterns (visual, vocal or other patterns), and implement programs that identify these patterns by using the trained networks. Artificial Neural Networks are used, for example, to identify pictures, and especially human faces, handwriting, and printing.

In this project, I used Artificial Neural Networks to compose melodies, using this method: a network is trained on well-known melodies, while for each note – the network is given all previous notes as an input, and is trained to predict the next note. A network like this is trained until the prediction success percents are as high as possible (about 55% success. The network structure does not let it reach 100% success). Then, the network is given some basic input, and we start composing note by note. Each note is selected randomly, with probabilities based on the network output (The reason for selecting the notes randomly, is adding more interest to the melody, and composing a new melody each time). After each note is composed, it is added to the network input and the network is used again in order to select the next note. And so on, until we compose the entire melody.

At first, I trained each network on an input representing the notes alone. As a result, the composed melodies lacked global structure. But, after talking to composers, I learned that most human composers usually compose according to a given progress of chords. I decided to implement it with the network, and added chords to the network input. It was then necessary to select a progress of chords before composing, and the network composes a melody based on these chords. As a result, the melodies were more interesting and with global structure.

Although, a program like Speedy Composer can’t compete with professional composers, but it can definitely compose nice & interesting melodies. If we compare, for example, the composing ability of the program to my own personal composing ability – I think the program’s ability is better and more diverse. Here, like in chess, for example – a good computer program is not better than every human, but it can definitely compete with some people. Of course, in this area there is still place for a lot of research and improvement, and I believe that in this area too we will reach better results in the future, and the program’s performances will be able to compete with the ability of many people.

Now, we can ask, is there no place for human composers any more? Well, of course there is still place for humans – currently, humans are still more creative than computers, and are still better than them in many areas. But, the more we advance in technology, and especially in the area of computer science – the ability of computers improves, and becomes closer to the ability of the people who created them. And, in some areas (for example, complex mathematical calculations), the computers’ ability has long ago become better than the ability of any person. It appears that this machine has already become better than its creator.

Philosophically, some people claim, that there is no meaning to the words “composing” (or “creating” in general), if the composer does not have feelings, and expresses his or her feelings in the composition. But, in my opinion, the melody in itself does not contain feelings – it’s just a progress of notes that makes us feel something when listening to it. And, in my opinion, the quality of the composer (if we don’t have a previous opinion about him) does not influence the emotions we feel when we listen to music, read a book or see a movie – what counts is the quality of the composition itself.

As we know, every book, article, melody or picture can be represented by computers as files, made of a set of bits which are 0 or 1. And, in my opinion, everything that can be represented by computers, can in theory be created by computers too. There is no theoretic reason, for example, why computers will not be able to compose symphonies like Mozart’s or Beethoven’s, write novels like Shakespear’s, or create pictures that seem real, even if they have no connection to reality. But, it’s clear that we still need to progress in this area a lot, before we will enjoy reading a book, watching a movie or listening to symphonies created by computers.

You are welcome to listen to the melodies composed by Speedy Composer. Please tell me what you think about the composed melodies – I’m interested in your opinion. If you want you can also use Speedy Composer to compose new melodies – just enter Speedy Composer, create an account and start composing!

Written by: Uri Even-Chen, Speedy Software.

How to Compose Melodies in Minutes with Speedy Composer

Now that you have verified your Speedy Composer account it is now time to compose melodies for the first time. Whether you require a new melody for your website or you need a new tune for your next ballet residual, Speedy Composer is simple to use.

Firstly, choose your chord progression, from major to minor. Here you can select from a number of great sounds for every occasion. By clicking on the selection and scrolling down the list, you can sample each sound.

Next in composing your melody is to choose your accompaniment style. Speedy Composer has a number of options for you to choose from and by changing the tempo of your melody will set a different mood for your music.

When you have composed your melody, Speedy Composer will automatically play back your composition. If you are happy with your composition, you can share it with friends or even make it public so other Speedy Composers can listen.

With Speedy Composer, you can work with friends to compose melodies to go with lyrics you have already written.

You will notice that a list will appear of all your compositions, to identify each tune you will need to re-name each composition. By clicking on the composition, a drop down list will appear and by clicking “Re-Name” you can name your melody. Giving your composed melodies names will make finding them easier.

If you decide that not all the composed tunes are what you are looking for, you can easily delete your file. By ticking the box and hitting “delete,” you can make room for new compositions.

There are endless combinations available for you to play and experiment with using Speedy Composer. You will not need any specialized computer programs, as Speedy Composer will do all the hard work for you. Speedy Composer has taken all the hassle out of putting a song together. To compose melodies you only require your own imagination and willingness to try different combinations.

You can save all of your melodies and it is just as easy as composing our tune. By clicking on either MIDI or MP3, you can automatically save to any device. Just follow the on screen prompts to ensure a successful download of your composed melody.

You can then share your composition on Speedy Composer with other budding songwriters. By making your music public, you can display your talent and encourage others to do the same and compose melodies and share their tunes.

To create a folder, click on “Create New Folder,” re-name the file and you can then start to compose melodies. To keep track of your recordings you can add notes to your account.

At the top of the page click on “Edit Profile” and you can add pages, groups and share melodies with others. To compose melodies with friends, encourage them to login and share all of your compositions with the public. You do not need to be a musician to use Speedy Composer.

Written by: Jodi Unger

Easily Compose Melodies with Speedy Composer

Speedy Composer is an open source project that allows its users to compose melodies. The biggest advantage to this is that those who are musically challenged do not have to create the original melodies and the musically gifted will enjoy it too. It is an opportunity to put a spin on popular songs known to several generations.

After signing up, there are no instructions. The manner in which the system is set up allows you to easily transition from one task to another. Users are presented with a selection of chord progressions, and then it is on to accompaniment style. From there, choose the tempo, which can make tunes as slow or as fast as one would like. The steps do not have to follow that order. So even without instructions, it is easy to follow without explicit details.

Make sure you do not follow my initial lead. I could see the timed bar moving as if I had created something, but could hear nothing. This resulted in feelings of anger when I first started to compose melodies. Then I realized that my speakers were not hooked into the PC. Someone had inserted a set of headphones and I did not notice. None of my family members would cop to it. So make sure your speakers are hooked in and your volume is up before getting started.

One con to the service is that the compositions are only 30 seconds long. I have to figure out how to string them together for one unified sound. You can download the compositions in an mp3 format. That is ideal for someone who wants to easily place them on a compact disc. Then you can share the sound without the use of a PC.

Another great feature with Speedy Composer is that you can share your compositions. There is an option after you compose melodies to make them available publicly. If an individual is brave about their creation and open to criticism, make it public. Make sure to rename them before doing so, to keep track. If you do not like them, deleting them is an option as well.

Written by: Rokkee

Top 5 Sites for Free Music Downloads

Finding free music downloads can be a challenge. The biggest problem is the number of fake sites that are always claiming to give free song downloads. Many of these sites will need you to either register or download something. In the worst case scenario, some sites will actually lead you on for hours taking you from one useless step to another until you eventually tire. But in the midst of all these, there are several sites that offer the real deal and will give you something that you can actually listen to. Here are a few of these sites:

1. Beemp3.com: This is a favorite among many people. Beemp3 is one of the longest running sites offering free music downloads and there are few sites if any that can claim to have a larger database of free songs. Beemp3.com is not just free but also quite easy to use. All you will have to do is enter a “Captcha” and you will be set to download at very good speeds.

2. Mp3Raid.com: Is also a great site and they also have a good database. Searching for songs is very easy here and their well organized database will allow you to find songs and artists quickly. The downside is that it takes two or three steps to get to the free music downloads.

3. Mp3.com: This is the site with the easiest name to remember and just like the name, the site is also very easy to navigate. The songs on the site are carefully grouped according to genre so if you are not looking for a particular song but just a particular type, say jazz, this site will give you a much easier time. The downside is the small size of its database and there are many songs that you would not find here.

4. Alfamp3.com: This is also another good site and offers not just free music downloads but also music videos so it can be lots of fun. There is a good deal of clicking required to get to the songs so patience must be exercised.

5. Plazamp3.com: This site definitely works. The problem is that the sheer number of ads will overwhelm most people and it is easy to click on an ad thinking it is the download link. If you know your way around ads you should be able to get something out of this site.

Written by: Charles Aol

Where to Get the Best Legal Free Music Downloads

There are many sources of downloads available online, but most are either not complete downloads or are illegal. There are, however, a few great places to find legal free music downloads of complete songs by a wide range of artists.

Amazon.com regularly offers free music downloads in the form of singles and entire albums. Pages with free song downloads are available for the U.S. at amazon.com/Free-Songs-Music/b?ie=UTF8&node=334897011 and the U.K. at amazon.co.uk/MP3-Music-Download/b?ie=UTF8&node=77197031

Many artists offer free music downloads, sometimes only for a limited time, on their official website pages or on their other pages, such as those found on MySpace. Follow your favorite artists on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news regarding their free download offerings.

SPIN magazine offers free iTunes music downloads for readers that anyone can obtain by first going to their website’s iTunes page at spin.com/itunes. On it there will be a code that is to be used in order to download the latest free legal music download offerings. There is also an expiration date for the code listed.

They are not the only magazine that offers free music downloads for readers. People magazine also has a website page devoted to giving readers and others free iTunes music downloads. Their free music downloads page may be found at styleentertainment.timeinc.net/people/countryplaylist/.

Glide magazine is another great source of legal free music downloads to check out. The page for their free downloads is glidemagazine.com/downloads.php.

Freebies blogs and websites also regularly list a variety of sources of free singles and albums that can all be downloaded legally and free. The best way to utilize this type of resource is to subscribe so notification will be received immediately. Some offers are limited and only those quickest to respond will get the free download.

Some sites offer one free download at a time, rather than multiple songs or albums. A few examples are the radio station K-Love at klove.com/music/store.aspx and the Artist Direct website at artistdirect.com/nad/freestuff/0,,,00.html.

The offerings from all of the aforementioned sources of legal free music downloads change regularly, giving the music lover an opportunity to obtain quite an impressive music library for no cost.

Written by: Daniella Nicole

How to Compose Melodies with Speedy Composer

Speedy Composer is a brand new site that will help people compose melodies for free by simply selecting chords, accompaniment styles and the tempo of the music. Here is a step-by-step introductory guide on how to compose melodies with the help of Speedy Composer.

Step 1 – Create an Account

To create an account at Speedy Composer, you need to be a member of Speedy Net. Simply create your user account at Speedy Net by selecting your choice of username and a password. You then need to provide only the bare essentials to create an account such as your gender and birth date. Click on the activation link that is sent to your email ID and your account will be activated at Speedy Net as well as Speedy Composer.

Step 2 – Log in at Speedy Composer

Use the same login credentials at Speedy Composer and you will be welcomed at the home page where you can begin composing music according to your preference by choosing from three drop down list boxes – chord progressions, accompaniment style and tempo.

Step 3 – Choose Chord Progression

There is a range of selection available for you to choose from. From C Major to A Minor, A Major to E Minor and G Major. Just choose the chord that you wish to use from the list of selections and move on to the next drop down list to pick out the accompaniment style for your musical composition.

Step 4 – Choose the Accompaniment style

Unlike the wide range of selections for chord progression, you can pick from four different accompaniment styles:

• Accompaniment Style #One (for 4/4)
• Accompaniment Style #Two (for 4/4)
• Accompaniment Style #Three (for 4/4)
• Accompaniment Style #Four (for 3/4)

Simply choose your preferred accompaniment style and you can move on.

Step 5 – Choose tempo

The next thing to do is to select the pace of the rhythm. Are you looking for some soft gentle rhythm or a fast racy number? Just set the tempo to the beat of your choice and you are done.

Step 6 – Compose Music

There is a compose button right below the tempo drop down box. Once you have finished picking out your composition features, click “Compose” to have the music composed for you.

The composed music will automatically be saved as “Composition #1” in your folder. You can rename the composition with a more meaningful name to identify it. You can also make separate folders at Speedy Composer in order to be able to categorize your music compositions in the genre that it falls in without it being cluttered all in one folder.

Please note that steps 3 to 5 do not necessarily have to be carried out in sequence. You could also work your way backwards from 5 to 3 or start directly with the accompaniment style before you move on to select your chord and tempo.

Once you have composed your music, it can be played directly at Speedy Composer or you can also download it to your desktop in MIDI format or MP3 format.

Additional Features

Besides composing your own music, there are still additional features that Speedy Composer has to offer. You can share your music with friends at the site or make it public for all the users of the site to enjoy. However, these features are completely optional. If you prefer to keep your music to yourself, you can do that by listing it as private.

It does not matter if you are inexperienced as a musician, with this range of options and the ability to mix and match chords, styles and tempo, you will soon develop an ear for music and be able to compose melodies of your own for free.

Written by: Andrea Gressman

Compose Melodies with Speedy Composer

If you love to create your own music but have been searching for a way to do so that is both simple and cost effective, the solution has arrived. Speedy Composer is an all-new website that allows you to compose melodies, and the best part – you can do so for free.

All you have to do is open an account and you will be on your way to composing your very own music and it is very simple to do.

How Does Speedy Composer Actually Work

So, how does Speedy Composer work? With its user-friendly format, you are the one in control. It is all about selecting the right of chords, an accompaniment style and choosing the tempo or the rhythm that you want to go with. You have the creative liberty to create the kind of sounds you want and at the pace that you wish to go with.

As mentioned above, this site features a very easy to use format. So, if you are a beginner to the world of music creation, you are still going to benefit from this site greatly. All you have to do is pick out your choices from three drop down lists and then simply compose melodies. As you continue to work with the program, your ability to create music will continue to develop as well.

Who Can Benefit from Speedy Composer

Of course this music-making site meets a need of many musicians out there who desire the ability to create their own music but do not know where to begin. Because it is free to use, it also provides the ability to compose melodies without requiring the huge financial investment that most programs do. But, those are not the only people this program can benefit.

If you are an amateur filmmaker looking for some way to include a background score for your documentaries and films, then Speedy Composer is just right for you. If you would like to create unique background music for your website or slideshow then, again, this program is perfect. It allows you to avoid the legalities of using other music and having to deal with the copyright issues that option presents.

Speedy Composer’s Easy-to-Use Features

Speedy Composer has deliberately kept their program straightforward and easy to use so that if you are just getting started you will be able to navigate your way through the site with ease. This means that you will be on your way to creating your very own music almost instantly and will not be bogged down with technical obstacles that would normally stand in your way.

The first thing you need to do in order to get started is to create an account. To do this you will have to sign up with Speedy Net. Create your login ID and then simply activate it. You will then be able to log into Speedy Composer using the same login credentials and start creating your very own music.

Speedy Composer has broken down the music creation process into a simple to follow process that takes all of the guesswork out of the procedure. By using the convenient drop-down menus, you can ensure that each step is completed and you will be making music in no time.

Additional Features

While the purpose of this site seems to be focused on composing music, the site also has a social networking option to make this experience even more enjoyable. You can opt to share your music with friends, the public, or even to keep it private if you prefer.

After you compose melodies, there is a lot that you can do with the music you create. You can give individual names to each composition, store them in separate folders, delete them or even download them in MIDI or MP3 formats.

If you have always loved music and have dreamed of creating your own then dream no more. Speedy Composer is here to make those dreams a reality.

Written by: Andrea Gressman

We apologize for the bugs in Speedy Composer

There was a bug in Speedy Composer – Composing new melodies didn’t work properly. We fixed this bug, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Speedy Composer is still in alpha, but everything already works as far as we know. We are now working on a desktop application that will compose melodies for you. It will be free software and open source.

Welcome to Speedy Net!

Welcome to Speedy Net! Speedy Net and Speedy Composer are still in alpha, but you can already use Speedy Composer to compose new melodies for you. If you like the compositions, you can make them public and share them with your friends. We are now working on a PC application for Speedy Composer, and also fixing bugs and improving Speedy Net. We hope you will like Speedy Composer and Speedy Net. Please let us know what you think! Click “Contact Us” and send us an email.